December 31, 2006


Links to various government and paratransit policy related sites.

ADA Technical Assistance CD - Online version of ADA resource.

ADA Technical Assistance Program - Sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Education, it offer quick answers and technical assistance through regional centers.

Americans with Disabilities Act - ADA (1990) is a civil rights act, ensuring the rights of individuals with disabilities. Among those is the right to accessible public transit.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): A NARIC Resource Guide - The low-down of the ADA in plain language.

ADA Document Portal - Large ADA database includes transportation section.

ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Transportation Vehicles - Specifications for public transportation in U.S. including bus and van systems.

Disability and Business Technical Assistance Centers (DBTAC) - National network of ADA Centers. Includes information on transportation.

Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) - The U.K.'s national disabilities rights legislation. - U.S. federal government one-stop web site for disability resources.

Disability-Related Policy in Canada - Canada lacks a comprehensive federal disabilities legislation like ADA in the U.S. This website is run by the Disability and Information Technologies Research Alliance.

Federal Transit Administration - (FTA) Part of the US Dept. of Transportation .

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, - NHTSA is the federal government agency with the authority to regulate the manufacture of automotive adaptive equipment and modified vehicles used by persons with disabilities.

The Transportation Research Board - (TRB) is a division of the National Research Council, which serves as an independent adviser to the federal government and others on scientific and technical questions of national importance. (USA)

United States Access Board - A Federal Agency Committed to Accessable Design.

United We Ride - Federal Interagency Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility (USA)

WC19 - Voluntary national industry standards for wheelchairs used as seats in motor vehicles developed by the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Wheelchair Transportation Safety (RERC WTS).

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