December 31, 2006


Links to groups and organizations that work to represent, promote, and protect their own particular interests in the paratransit industry.

Adaptive Driving Alliance - A nationwide group of vehicle modification dealers who provide van conversions, hand controls, wheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, tie downs, conversion van rentals, paratransit and other adaptive equipment for disabled drivers and passengers.

AccessDMV - Social network and accessibility resources for District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. You can write a blog, start a discussion in the forum, form groups, upload pictures/videos, etc. I'm a member, here's my page.

Amalgamated Transit Union - The ATU is the largest labor organization representing transit workers (including paratransit) in the United States and Canada.

AMR's Disaster Response Team - Members assist communities across the continental United States in time of need. Companies that provide paratransit services are needed to supplement federal and military responses to disasters and other public emergencies. Free to join. Contact Troy Lambert at 228.897.6643.

drtbus - U.K. site dedicated to raising awareness and exchanging information from different demand responsive transportation schemes across the world.

APTA - American Public Transportation Association, Annual Bus and Paratransit Conference.

APRIL - Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living.

BusCon - America's biggest bus industry convention.

Canadian Urban Transit Association - (CUTA) - In french and english mirror sites.

Community Transport Association (CTA) - Promotes excellence through providing training, publications, advice, events and project support on voluntary, community and local accessible transport in the UK.

CTAA - Community Transportation Association of America.

NYS Paratransit Network - Social network made for everyone who on way or another is involved in Paratransit Transportation - such as drivers, customers, etc. in the New York State area; but is open to anyone, anywhere interested paratransit. You can write a blog, start a discussion in the forum, form groups, upload pictures/videos, etc. I'm a member, here's my page.

TLPA - Taxi, Limousine, and Paratransit Association.

Transport Workers Union of America - The TWU was founded in 1934 in New York City, then expanded to represent transit employees (including paratransit) in other cities, primarily in the eastern U.S.

United We Ride - Interagency Federal national initiative that supports States and their localities in developing coordinated human service delivery systems.

WiTransportation - Website hub for 4 Wisconsin transportation associations: Wisconsin Rural & Paratransit Providers, Specialized Medical Vehicle Association of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Association of Taxicab Owners, and the Wisconsin Urban & Rural Transit Association.

xTransit - Explores various forms smaller flexible forms of public transportation like paratransit. Focus program of the New Mobility Agenda and The Commons: Open Society Sustainability Initiative.

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