December 31, 2006


Links to various articles about paratransit from online magazines.

Accessible Transit: A Two-Way Street - 2006 article by Brianna Hammer for NewMedia Journalism.

Accessible Transportation That’s Affordable? - By Rosemary Musachio for Audacity Magazine.

ADA Paratransit Eligibility: How To Make Your Case - Illinois Legal Advocate.

As Unpleasant a Ride as Possible - by Mary Johnson, Ragged Edge Online. Paratransit in Louisville.

Balancing act: Stabilizing Paratransit Costs - 2002 article by Donna Rogers for American City & Country Magazine.

Coordinating Paratransit (Disabled) With Specialized Transportation (Elderly) - 2009 posting and discussion, part of United We Ride National Dialogue.

Demystifying ADA Complementary Paratransit - 2010 article by Penny Everline for Greater Greater Washington.

Dial-a-Ride: In Crisis?, Dial-a-Ride Complaints, Dial-a-Ride: Enough is Enough! & Dial-A-Ride Update- A series of articles concerning London's paratransit system from Transport For All Magazine (UK).

Eligibility For Paratransit Services - Washington (State) Protection and Advocacy System.

Full Access Transit the Goal in T.O. - Toronto Transit Accessibility Issues.

Getting There From Here - Quest Magazine's readers' opinions of public transportation systems travel the road from 'nightmare' to 'pretty decent'.

GIS and Paratransit - Map-Based Solutions Respond with Efficiency to Paratransit Operations Demands.

In Transit: Public Transit Move Toward Accessibility - Canadian paratransit issues.

Mobility for All: Getting on Board - by Tom Rickert for the Independent Living Institute. Overview of all types of accessibility for public transportation.

Operators Squeezed By Lean Finances - 2005 survey of 40 paratransit operators in the U.S and Canada conducted by Metro Magazine. 4 page pdf document.

Paratransit Enables Seniors and the Disabled to Get Around (2010) - The Alternative Press

Paratransit Functional Assessment in Utah - Article from The Memphis Center for Independent Living Journal by Tim Wheat describing Salt Lake's paratransit eligibility assessment practice and their possible application for Memphis.

Paratransit Workers: Going the Extra Mile - Amalgamated Transit Union, pdf document (full In Transit Journal, July/August 2006)

Putting the Brakes on Paratransit Operator Losses - Insurance Journal 2006, Insurance industry perspective on paratransit finances.

The Re-Certification Game - by Larry Biondi, Ragged Edge Online. The FTA's flawed criteria to become paratransit eligible.

What Is Paratransit? - National Limb Loss Information Fact Sheet.

What Is Paratransit Service And How Can I Get It? - Advocacy Incorporated Handout Materials.

Wheel-Trans Eligibility - Toronto Paratransit.

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