December 31, 2006

Vehicle Manufacturers

Links to companies that manufacture or convert buses and vans for paratransit use.

Accessible Vans & Mobility - Retail and Commercial Van Conversions, Eastern Seaboard.

Advanced Vehicle Builders - U.K. manufacturer of minibuses.

Amcar Motors - Florida manufacturer of private and commercial mini-van conversions. Their multi-purpose commercial designs have flexible seating arrangements and can accommodate one or two wheelchairs.

Atlantic Turtle Top - South Gafton, MA., Specialty vehicles custom designed including various paratransit options.

ARBOC Mobility - Indiana manufacturer of small low-floor wheelchair accessible bus built on GM chassis.

Autobus Thomas - Quebec based school, commercial, and paratransit bus manufacturer.

Autovan - National U.S. digital dealership of minivan conversions.

Azure Dynamics - Works in the development and production of hybrid electric and electric components and powertrain systems for commercial vehicles, including shuttle buses.

Barnett Mobility - Wheelchair accessible taxis, paratransit buses, and mini-vans.

Blue Bird - Large manufacturer school buses, commercial buses, recreational vehicles and wheelchair accessible.

Braun Mobility - Private and Commercial Van Conversion Division of Braun Corporation. Across North America + International Divisions.

Coach & Equipment - Based in New York, established 1895.

Champion Bus Inc. - A division of Thor Industries.

Collins Bus Corp. - Manufacturer of small school buses. Also ownes Mid Bus and Corbeil Bus.

ElDorada National - A division of Thor Industries.

Girardin Minibus - Quebec based school bus manufacturer with commercial (paratransit) division.

Goshen Coach - Indiana manufacturer of a wide variety of buses.

Ford Mobility Motoring - Ford's specialty fleet services.

IC Corporation - Manufacturer of a variety of commercial vehicles including the LC Series low floor 'kneeling' bus designed to meet ADA standards. Owned by Navistar.

Major Vehicle Exchange - Buy or sell reconditioned shuttle, church, and mobility buses.

Mobility Works - Ohio based private and commercial van conversion company.

New England Wheels - Massachusetts based, wide variety of accessible van and bus conversions.

Nor-Cal Mobility - Sacramento private and commercial van conversions.

Optare - U.K. manufacturer of a wide range of buses and coaches.

Red Kite - U.K.'s largest supplier of small school buses.

Sonny Merryman - Virginia commercial and school bus manufacturer.

Starcraft Bus - Indiana manufacturer paratransit and low-floor entry buses.

StarTrans - Supreme Corporation's bus division. Includes a variety of paratransit models. Manufacturing locations in Goshen, Indiana, and the in Moreno Valley, California. Read More...

Thomas Built Buses - Large North Carolina school bus manufacturer, produces over 15,000 per year, sometimes used for paratransit use.

Transit Plus - Large Variety of Personal and Commercial Bus Conversions, Florida Based.

Turtle Top - Indiana based manufacturer of wide range of bus types.

United Access - Paratransit and Commercial Accessible Vans, Based in St. Louis.

VCI Mobility - Specializes in new and used wheelchair vans. They also offer handicap vans and other pieces of mobility equipment, such as wheelchair ramps to assist people with special needs and disabilities.

Viewpoint Mobility - Personal and Commercial Mini-Van Conversions, Available across U.S.

Ward Transportation Services - Conway, Arkansas based school and commercial bus manufacturer. Associated with Diamond State Bus Company, also of Conway.

Wolfington - Manufactures variety of buses.

Williams Bus - Manufacturers specialty buses.


Links to studies and reports that focus on paratransit.

ADA Complementary Paratransit: A Decade of Innovation - 2002 report by Easter Seals Project ACTION on first 10 years of ADA and a look forward to future challenges, including the need for National (U.S.) Paratransit Database.

ADA Paratransit Eligibility Certification Practices - 1998 study documents the range by the different eligibility certification models and offers information about their overall effectiveness.

Computer-Aided Scheduling & Dispatch in Demand-Responsive Transit Services - 2005 study explores the experiences of selected transit agencies, four contract service providers, and four software vendors focusing on current practices.

Creative Ways to Manage Paratransit Costs - 2008 report prepared for the Florida Department of Transportation by the Center for Urban Transportation Research (University of South Florida).

Current State of Transportation for People with Disabilities in the United States - 2005 report prepared for the National Council on Disability by Marilyn Golden and Richard Weiner.

Effect of Education Programs on Paratransit Demand of People with Disabilities - 1998 by Steven Stern, James Fitzgerald and Donna Shaunesey.

Demand Responsive/ADA: Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes - Transit Cooperative Research Program, Report 95 Chapter 6, Frank Spielberg and Richard H. Pratt.

Demand Response Statistics - Up to date and extensive stats provided by the APTA (American Public Transportation Association).

Embracing Paratransit Transportation - Paper explores paratransit as a community responsibility rather than solely ADA. Prepared for Sound Transit (Washington State's Central Puget Sound Area Transit).

Evaluation of Seat Belt Anchorage Strength of a Prototype Wheelchair Integrated Occupant Restraint System - University of Pittsburgh

Evaluating the Impact of ITS on Personalized Public Transit - Study from the California Path Program (U of C at Berkeley) about using Intelligent Transportation Systems.

How to Plan and Run Flexible and Demand Responsive Transport Guidance - Detailed report prepared for the Scottish Government recommending how future DRT schemes could be developed in Scotland.

Framing the Issues of Paratransit Services in Delaware (2007) - Report prepared for the Delaware Department of Transportation accessing current practices and recommendations for future.

Freedom To Travel - Detailed Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, summarizes the results of a 2002 survey on access to transportation for persons with disabilities.

Good Practice Guide for DRT Services Using Telematics - The basics of demand responsive transportation.

Guide for Acquiring Demand Responsive Transit Software and Technology - 2000 checklist of things to consider when acquiring new scheduling software.

Implementation of the ADA: Challenges, Best Practices, & New Opportunities for Success - 2007 study prepared for the National Council on Disability. Includes section on paratransit.

Improving Capacity Planning for Demand-Responsive Paratransit Services - 2009 Minnesota Department of Transportation report.

Integration of Paratransit and Fixed-Route Transit Services - 2008 study explores the experiences of transit agencies that have attempted to depart from the traditional binary model of fixed-route and paratransit service by seeking out ways to integrate their services.

Innovative Practices in Paratransit Services - 2002 report prepared for Easter Seals Project ACTION. Based on survey and site visits, report is wide ranging and in depth.

Innovative Suburb-to-Suburb Transit Practices - 1995 report comparing fourteen suburb-to-suburb transit operations including paratransit services. Transportation Research Board.

ITS Applications for Coordinating and Improving Human Services Transportation - U.S. Department of Transportation study into uses of ITS in variety of modes of accessible transport.

Laboratory Testing Program for F.E. Crash Analysis of Paratransit Buses - 2007 report into bus crashworthiness testing based on research carried out by Jerry W. Wekezer at Florida State University's Crashworthiness & Impact Analysis Laboratory.

Mobile Data Terminals - 2007 study explores the state-of-the-practice of MDT's and examines the capability of mobile data computers offered by technology vendors to the industry.

Operational Experiences with Flexible Transit Services - 2004 study examines hybrid services that fall between the two traditional service models of DRT and fixed-route.

Organizational Structures for Brokerage of Paratransit Services (2005) - by Anthony M. Pagano and Paul Metaxatos, Urban Transportation Center, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Paratransit Contracting and Service Delivery Methods - 1998 study focuses on the state of practice in paratransit contracting and service delivery methods to comply with ADA provisions.

Paratransit Coordination Study (2003) - Technical Memorandum prepared by the Kane County (Illinois) Division of Transportation.

Paratransit In America: Redefining Mass Transportation (1997) by Robert Cervero - 320 pages, not available on line.

Paratransit, Inc.'s Unique Success with Coordinated Human Service Transportation (2008) - Paratransit, Inc. is a non-profit paratransit provider in Sacramento operating since 1981.

Paratransit Manager's Skills, Qualifications, and Needs - 2007 study examines current requirements for management and actual experiences of current managers in their positions.

Paratransit Scheduler - Interesting study of East Bay Paratransit by Morgan Ames of Berkeley.

Perfect Accessible Minibus? (Capturing this Elusive Beast) - 2007 study by Enne de Boer, John Taylor, Otto Cazemier, and Rolf Kuhlmann.

Policies & Practices for Effectively & Efficiently Meeting ADA Paratransit Demand - 2008 study by the Transit Cooperative Research Program.

Practices in No-Show & Late Cancellation Policies for ADA Paratransit - 2005 study examines current and innovative practices of U.S. transit agencies in development and implementation of policy.

Principles of Paratransit Design - Summary of study comparing paratransit in Boston and Tulsa by Transportation Alternatives, a transportation consultancy.

Quantifying the Technical Efficiency of Canadian Paratransit Systems Using Data Envelopment Analysis Method - (2005) By Jingtao Yang. A thesis presented to the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Moving Backwards: Canada's State of Transportation Accessibility in an International Context - Report prepared for The Council of Canadians With Disabilities. Interesting comparison of national transportation accessibility policy and implementation in Europe, Australia, United States, and Canada.

Preliminary Evaluation of Wheelchair Occupant Restraint System Usage in Motor Vehicles - 2002 report published in the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development.

Recent Developments in Telematics-Based Demand Responsive Transportion - Report comparing various DRT Systems in U.K. and Europe.

Shuttle Services: Shuttle Buses, Jitneys and Free Transit Zones - Victoria (British Columbia)Transport Policy Institute transportation encyclopedia entry.

Shuttle Vans: The Overlooked Transit Alternative - 1994 article for the Reason Foundation by Robert W. Poole, Jr., and Michael Griffin.

State of the Art of Paratransit - by R. Lave & R. Mathias of the Transportation Research Board Committee on Paratransit. Good basic description of industry.

Synthesis of Securement Device Options and Strategies - 2002 report by the National Center for Transit Research, Florida.

Trends in Paratransit Technologies - 2004 report prepared by Trapese Software Group.

Transportation: Disadvantaged Populations - 2003 report to Congress.

Traveler Response to Innovative Personalized Demand-Responsive Transit in the San Fransisco Bay Area - Prepared by the California Path Program (U of C at Berkeley)

Universal Securement/Restraint System for Wheeled Mobility Aids on Public Transportation Vehicles (Oregon State University Securement System) - Easter Seals Project ACTION

Wheelchair Access: Improvements, Standards, and Challenges & Wheelchair Marking and Tether Straps - Reports on wheelchair access and securement prepared by Douglas J. Cross Transportation Consulting.


Links to various audio or video resources online.

Access to Buses, Trains, Vans & Taxicabs for People With Disabilities - Video of workshop covering the legal requirements for a variety of types of transportation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), with an emphasis on public transportation.

ADA Paratransit in the Real World - Workshop covering the legal requirements for "origin-to-destination" paratransit service under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including eligibility issues (applications, recertification and "functional assessments").

Community In Action - 10 min. instructional video describing San Francisco's MUNI Paratransit system.

Crashworthiness and Impact Analysis - Florida State University Radio, 2:15 min. audio version of the SFU article: Engineering Lab Helping Ensure Safety of Florida’s Minibuses.

Department of Transportation Proposed ADA Changes - 20 min. 2006 podcast produced by the Southwest ADA Center featuring Marilyn Golden discussing impact of DOT proposals including those to ADA paratransit.

In Touch With The MTA - A series of videos and audio programs produced by Maryland Transit Authority including a 15 min. audio discussion of ADA compliance.

Manchester Dial-A-Ride - Promotional video discribing Manchester Connecticut's Saturday Dial-A-Ride service. Posted on YouTube.

Paratransit Education & Advocacy Collaborative (PEAC) - 3 podcasts available as mp3s: ADA Paratransit 101 and ADA Paratransit 102 (Basic Eligibility), and ADA Paratransit 103 (Self Advocacy Tools). There are also PowerPoint presentations that accompany each of these available here.

Paratransit Inc. - Mobility Training Video for Sacramento County.

Paratransit Song - Sung to the tune of Clementine. Part of the entertainment at the National Federation of the Blind's 2007 Convention. Can be heard here.

Possible Changes to Paratransit System - KELO-TV Sioux Falls, South Dakota News Report, March 2007. A follow-up story was done after a public meeting: Meeting Addresses Paratransit Changes

Q'Straint - Video loop of wheelchir crash test for securement system.

Saturday Morning Special (mp3) - 2 hour talk radio program broadcast March 3, 2004 in Santa Cruz, California on KSCO. The show, hosted by Michael Zwerling, features Sam Storey (Community Bridges - the non-profit community organization that runs the local paratransit service: Lift Line), Bryant Baehr (Santa Cruz Metro), and Mike Bradshaw (Center Coast Center for Independent Living).

Sure-Lok - 20 min. instrutional video and book for drivers. Can be viewed online.

Telargo Fleet and Workforce Management Services - Promotional Video posted on YouTube.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Paratransit - 1/2 hour podcast (mp3) produced by Disability Nation featuring Marilyn Golden, a policy analyst with Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, a leading national civil rights and policy center. A transcript is available here.

Veolia Transportation - Promotional Video of Seattle, Washington Company. Posted on YouTube.


Links to groups and organizations that work to represent, promote, and protect their own particular interests in the paratransit industry.

Adaptive Driving Alliance - A nationwide group of vehicle modification dealers who provide van conversions, hand controls, wheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, tie downs, conversion van rentals, paratransit and other adaptive equipment for disabled drivers and passengers.

AccessDMV - Social network and accessibility resources for District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. You can write a blog, start a discussion in the forum, form groups, upload pictures/videos, etc. I'm a member, here's my page.

Amalgamated Transit Union - The ATU is the largest labor organization representing transit workers (including paratransit) in the United States and Canada.

AMR's Disaster Response Team - Members assist communities across the continental United States in time of need. Companies that provide paratransit services are needed to supplement federal and military responses to disasters and other public emergencies. Free to join. Contact Troy Lambert at 228.897.6643.

drtbus - U.K. site dedicated to raising awareness and exchanging information from different demand responsive transportation schemes across the world.

APTA - American Public Transportation Association, Annual Bus and Paratransit Conference.

APRIL - Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living.

BusCon - America's biggest bus industry convention.

Canadian Urban Transit Association - (CUTA) - In french and english mirror sites.

Community Transport Association (CTA) - Promotes excellence through providing training, publications, advice, events and project support on voluntary, community and local accessible transport in the UK.

CTAA - Community Transportation Association of America.

NYS Paratransit Network - Social network made for everyone who on way or another is involved in Paratransit Transportation - such as drivers, customers, etc. in the New York State area; but is open to anyone, anywhere interested paratransit. You can write a blog, start a discussion in the forum, form groups, upload pictures/videos, etc. I'm a member, here's my page.

TLPA - Taxi, Limousine, and Paratransit Association.

Transport Workers Union of America - The TWU was founded in 1934 in New York City, then expanded to represent transit employees (including paratransit) in other cities, primarily in the eastern U.S.

United We Ride - Interagency Federal national initiative that supports States and their localities in developing coordinated human service delivery systems.

WiTransportation - Website hub for 4 Wisconsin transportation associations: Wisconsin Rural & Paratransit Providers, Specialized Medical Vehicle Association of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Association of Taxicab Owners, and the Wisconsin Urban & Rural Transit Association.

xTransit - Explores various forms smaller flexible forms of public transportation like paratransit. Focus program of the New Mobility Agenda and The Commons: Open Society Sustainability Initiative.

Scheduling & Dispatch

Links to companies that have developed software for demand response/paratransit scheduling, dispatching, and information management.

ArcLogistics - Routing and scheduling GIS based application for fleets including paratransit.
CTS Software - In the industry since early 1980's and provide scheduling, reporting, and billing software; including "Trip Master" Para-Transit Management Software.

Dial-a-Ride-Online - Online web based route management solution providing total flexibility as to where, when & by whom it is used.

DME (Dispatching Made Easy) - Web based software system designed exclusively for passenger transport services. Read More...

Dispatching For Dollars - Ebook/Training Manual for NEMT/Ambulette dispatchers and schedulers. Read More...

Easy Rides - Mobilitat Comprehensive paratransit software with GIS and AVL. Read More

Ecolane - Demand Response Transportation Software.

GIRO/ACCES - Automated scheduling designed to meet the needs of large paratransit organizations with centralized call-taking centers.

GreyHawk Paratransit MDT System - The system uses computer technology in the vehicle to step the driver through the completion of each trip on the route and simultaneously transmit the results of the trip back to dispatch.

First Transit - ADA Paratransit & NEMT Call Center Management.

Flex-T - Web-based subscription service that is designed to consolidate the resources of many transportation providers and make them available to all users. Read More...

IE Logistics (Infinite Enterprises) - Logistics and transportation solutions for variety of transportation needs including paratransit.

Logical Transport - U.K. provider of scheduling software and consultancy services.

LogicTree Paratransit - Speech-enabled booking system for transit and transportation agency call centers.

Management Information Solutions - Maker of TransAid NEMT internet based scheduling and billing software.

MedTrans Pro - Integrated software system specifically designed for ambulette/non-emergency medical transportation: client database, scheduling, dispatch, reports, and accounting.

Mentor Engineering - Mobile data system for demand response scheduling and dispatching, including paratransit. Read More...

Mobisoft - Finnish software company specialising in automated dispatching and wireless data transfer applications for passenger transport.

Ontira Communications Ltd - Maker of the Handyline automated booking system for paratransit riders. Subsidiary of TranSched (see below)

ParaPlan - EnGraph Software's scheduling and dispatching software for the Paratransit industry. Developer has related blog posting: Computer Tools For The Visually Impaired.

ParaRoute and ParaLogic - Real-time and batch paratransit software from RouteLogic.

ParaSysInfo - Designs software products that enhances the most popular scheduling software in use throughout U.S. and Europe.

Paratransit Software Tools - Vehicle routing, scheduling, and trip planning.

PtMS - Dispatch, scheduling, and invoicing browser and web based software system for paratransit and medical transportation providers.

Ride Express - Scheduling Software for Community Transportation.

RideScheduler - A web based paratransit application developed for volunteer driver programs; also supports paid drivers and shuttles.

RouteMatch - Transportation management logistics in the transportation industry, including scheduling and management software.

SPTS - Software developed to meet the needs of small to medium size paratransit/demand response services (50- 500 trips/day).

StrataGen Systems - Wireless based scheduling and dispatch; focusing on Demand Response, Paratransit, and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. Read More...

TransSched - Offers a wide variety of software solutions for DRT or ADA Paratransit operations including Demand Response Manager.

Transit Computing - Developer of Route Coordinator, affordable transportation management software for small and medium size paratransit operations. Read More...

Trapeze - Automated scheduling and dispatch software for various kinds of transportation including: public (fixed route and demand response), ride-share, school buses, and affordable community transportation. Read More...

TransiTrak - Web-based NEMT routing and scheduling program that also manages fleet maintenance as well as reporting and invoicing. Read More...

Vehicle Modifications

Links to companies that manufacture and/or sell equipment for bus modification, such as ramps, wheelchair tie-down systems, and flip-up seats.

Access-AriZe Belt - Lifts that do not have a passenger restraint belt can be retrofitted to have one using this product. Read More...

Braun - Wheelchair lifts and ramps for transportation.

C.E. White Co. - ADA Para-Transit Fold-Away Seat with Integrated Q-Straint & ADA Para-Transit Fold-Away Seating.

EZ Lock - Wheelchair Docking System.

Florida Paratransit Maintenance Training & Technical Assistance Program - Consortium of agencies can monitor and exchange bus maintenance information with each other concerning issues, solutions, bulletins, etc.

Freedman Seating Co. - Large variety of seating for buses, including flip-up for paratransit.

Intermotive Vehicle Controls - Manufacturer of a variety automated safety products for buses such as the Intelligent Lift Interlock System for paratransit buses.

Maxon Mobility - Wheelchair lift manufacturer.

Q-Straint - Wheelchair and occupant securement systems.

Ricon - Wheelchair lifts and ramps. Also has European Website. Owned by Wabtec Corporation.

Sure-Lok - Wheelchair tie-down system.


Links to various government and paratransit policy related sites.

ADA Technical Assistance CD - Online version of ADA resource.

ADA Technical Assistance Program - Sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Education, it offer quick answers and technical assistance through regional centers.

Americans with Disabilities Act - ADA (1990) is a civil rights act, ensuring the rights of individuals with disabilities. Among those is the right to accessible public transit.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): A NARIC Resource Guide - The low-down of the ADA in plain language.

ADA Document Portal - Large ADA database includes transportation section.

ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Transportation Vehicles - Specifications for public transportation in U.S. including bus and van systems.

Disability and Business Technical Assistance Centers (DBTAC) - National network of ADA Centers. Includes information on transportation.

Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) - The U.K.'s national disabilities rights legislation. - U.S. federal government one-stop web site for disability resources.

Disability-Related Policy in Canada - Canada lacks a comprehensive federal disabilities legislation like ADA in the U.S. This website is run by the Disability and Information Technologies Research Alliance.

Federal Transit Administration - (FTA) Part of the US Dept. of Transportation .

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, - NHTSA is the federal government agency with the authority to regulate the manufacture of automotive adaptive equipment and modified vehicles used by persons with disabilities.

The Transportation Research Board - (TRB) is a division of the National Research Council, which serves as an independent adviser to the federal government and others on scientific and technical questions of national importance. (USA)

United States Access Board - A Federal Agency Committed to Accessable Design.

United We Ride - Federal Interagency Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility (USA)

WC19 - Voluntary national industry standards for wheelchairs used as seats in motor vehicles developed by the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Wheelchair Transportation Safety (RERC WTS).


Links to various articles about paratransit from online magazines.

Accessible Transit: A Two-Way Street - 2006 article by Brianna Hammer for NewMedia Journalism.

Accessible Transportation That’s Affordable? - By Rosemary Musachio for Audacity Magazine.

ADA Paratransit Eligibility: How To Make Your Case - Illinois Legal Advocate.

As Unpleasant a Ride as Possible - by Mary Johnson, Ragged Edge Online. Paratransit in Louisville.

Balancing act: Stabilizing Paratransit Costs - 2002 article by Donna Rogers for American City & Country Magazine.

Coordinating Paratransit (Disabled) With Specialized Transportation (Elderly) - 2009 posting and discussion, part of United We Ride National Dialogue.

Demystifying ADA Complementary Paratransit - 2010 article by Penny Everline for Greater Greater Washington.

Dial-a-Ride: In Crisis?, Dial-a-Ride Complaints, Dial-a-Ride: Enough is Enough! & Dial-A-Ride Update- A series of articles concerning London's paratransit system from Transport For All Magazine (UK).

Eligibility For Paratransit Services - Washington (State) Protection and Advocacy System.

Full Access Transit the Goal in T.O. - Toronto Transit Accessibility Issues.

Getting There From Here - Quest Magazine's readers' opinions of public transportation systems travel the road from 'nightmare' to 'pretty decent'.

GIS and Paratransit - Map-Based Solutions Respond with Efficiency to Paratransit Operations Demands.

In Transit: Public Transit Move Toward Accessibility - Canadian paratransit issues.

Mobility for All: Getting on Board - by Tom Rickert for the Independent Living Institute. Overview of all types of accessibility for public transportation.

Operators Squeezed By Lean Finances - 2005 survey of 40 paratransit operators in the U.S and Canada conducted by Metro Magazine. 4 page pdf document.

Paratransit Enables Seniors and the Disabled to Get Around (2010) - The Alternative Press

Paratransit Functional Assessment in Utah - Article from The Memphis Center for Independent Living Journal by Tim Wheat describing Salt Lake's paratransit eligibility assessment practice and their possible application for Memphis.

Paratransit Workers: Going the Extra Mile - Amalgamated Transit Union, pdf document (full In Transit Journal, July/August 2006)

Putting the Brakes on Paratransit Operator Losses - Insurance Journal 2006, Insurance industry perspective on paratransit finances.

The Re-Certification Game - by Larry Biondi, Ragged Edge Online. The FTA's flawed criteria to become paratransit eligible.

What Is Paratransit? - National Limb Loss Information Fact Sheet.

What Is Paratransit Service And How Can I Get It? - Advocacy Incorporated Handout Materials.

Wheel-Trans Eligibility - Toronto Paratransit.


Links to various paratransit advocacy groups and organizations.

Advocacy Incorporated - Advocacy, Inc. adheres to these guiding principles in all activities to protect and advance the rights of Texans with disabilities.

Broward County Paratransit Consumer Blog - Broward County (Florida) Paratransit Consumer-Run Discussion About Transportation.
Care2PetitionSite - Paratransit Riders & Supporters Unite - Petition to improve Illinois Paratransit

DC ParaTransit Info -Blog created by Pat and Kathi Spray to to document the state of MetroAccess, the Washington D.C. paratransit service, as well as provide an online resource for users of paratransit services as to available alternatives.

Disabled in Action (DIA) - Civil rights organization committed to ending discrimination ( including Paratransit Eligibility) against people with disabilities in New York Metropolitan area.

Disabilities Network of New York City - Organization brings people, organizations, government together to find solutions to problems (including transportation) faced by New Yorkers with physical, visual, and hearing disabilities.

Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF) - A leading national civil rights law and policy center directed by individuals with disabilities and parents who have children with disabilities.

Does LogistiCare? - A forum for non-emergency medical transportation providers and their clients. Documents ongoing issues surrounding LogistiCare.

Easter Seals Project ACTION - Accessible Community Transportation.

Equip For Equality - Transportation Rights for Persons with Disabilities in Illinois.

Go Petition - Current Online Petitions: Review PACE Paratransit Services and Help Keep Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Going.

Illinois Legal Advocate - Training and Support Website for Legal Aid Advocates, Includes resources for disability and paratransit issues.

IMPRUVE - Independent Movement of Paratransit Riders for Unity, Vehicles, Equality. National disability rights organization based in Illinois.

Irish Wheelchair Association - National organization involved in wide range of services, advocacy, and education.

Mobility International USA (MIUSA) - Empowering people with disabilities around the world to achieve their human rights through international exchange and international development.

National Alliance of Public Transportation Advocates - NAPTA is a national organization representing local transit coalitions who support increasing federal investment in public transportation.

National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) - Organization advances independent living and the rights of people with disabilities through consumer-driven advocacy.

National Disability Rights Network - U.S. federally mandated nonprofit organization provides training and technical assistance, legal support, and legislative advocacy for individuals with a wide range of disabilities.

Paratransit Texas - Texas paratransit education and advocacy collaborative.

RIDE - Boston Paratransit Advocacy Project.

RUTA Montreal - Represents special needs people in order to ensure their access to public transportation in Montreal.

Transport For All - UK advocacy magazine for mobility rights in London.

Transportation Access - Blog providing information, news, and investigations about transportation accessibility (including Paratransit)in New York City.

Transportation Advocacy Project - Accessible, Affordable, Available, Transportation for People with Disabilities in Pennsylvania.

December 12, 2006

NEMT Case Study: Loving Touch Transportation

CASE STUDY - Joel Davis, author of "How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company" in conversation with Steffon Liford, owner/operator of Loving Touch Transportation located in Detroit, Michigan. Steffon describes how he used Joel's book, seminar, and online support network to help him establish and grow a successful Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Business. He was attracted to the industry not only because it did not require enormous start-up costs, but because it was a service that people really need and appreciate. He started with one vehicle. Within 6 months he had his first contract and was contemplating hiring a driver and getting a second van.

- Interview with Carlos Banks of The Wheelchair Taxi, North Carolina

Find more blog posts and directory pages that deal primarily with non-emergency medical transportation on the NEMT Index.